VFFS5000FJ/7300GZ/7300GY Extrusion Type Packaging Machine

Product Details

VFFS5000FJ/7300GZ/7300GY extrusion type packaging machine

Brief  Introduction:

This unit is developed for the need of metering and filling of high viscosity media. It is equipped with servo rotor metering pump for metering with the function of automatic material lifting and feeding, automatic metering and filling and automatic bag-making and packaging, and is also equipped with the memory function of 100 product specifications, the switchover of weight specification can be realized just by one-key stroke. 

Technical parameters:

ModelBag size
Metering range
Measuring accuracyPackaging speed
VFS7300GY(150~500)×(100~350)< 5000≤0.5%8~25
VFS7300GZ(150~500)×(100~350)< 5000≤0.5%8/15

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