Good Quaility Fully Automatic Vaccum Packing Machine in China

Product Details

Good quaility fully automatic vaccum packing machine in china

Brief Introduction:

ZB500N/500N2 internal extraction vacuum packaging machine can realize integration of fully automatic feeding, weighing, bag-making, filling, shaping, evacuation, sealing, bag mouth cutting and transport of finished product and packs loose material into small hexahedron packs of high added value, which is shaped at fixed weight. It has a fast packaging speed and runs stably. This unit is widely applied in vacuum packaging of cereals like rice, grains, etc. and powdery materials like coffee, etc., suitable for mass production, the bag shape is nice and has good sealing effect, which facilitates boxing or direct retail.

Applicable scope:

Powdery material (e.g. coffee, yeast, milk cream, food additive, metal powder, chemical product)

Granular material (e.g. rice, miscellaneous grains, pet food)

ModelUnit sizeType of bagBag size
Metering range
Packaging speed
ZB500N8800X3800X4080mmBrick type bag(60-120)x(40-60) mm100-100016-20
ZB500N26000X2800X3200mmBrick type bag(60-120)x(40-60) mm100-100025-40

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