Automatic Good Quaility Small Pouch Into Big Pouch Packaging Unit for Rice Salt and Sugar Packing

Product Details

Automatic good quaility  small pouch into big pouch packaging unit for rice salt and sugar packing

1,Brief Introduction:

This unit is mainly to complete the fully automatic packaging process of neatly loading the already packaged small bag products (100~1000g) into composite film plastic bags and heat sealing according to the requirements (form of arrangement: single or double-row horizontal grouping etc.) so as to realize fully automatic operation from small pack packaging of bulk material to packaging of composite film plastic bags, save input in manpower, material and financial resources, reduce production cost for customers as well as improve production efficiency. This unit is widely used for packaging of powdery and granular materials like washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder, etc. and is the first choice machine of many large companies for secondary packaging. 

2,The equipment mainly consists: double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyor, counting and unscrambling machine, vertical bag-making, filling and packaging machine and product conveyor, etc. 

3,Production process flow: pouch → horizontal conveyor → double-layer inclined conveyor → high-speed conveyor → counting and unscrambling machine → vertical bag-making packaging machine → Sealing → product output. 

4,This unit has the following advantages: 

(1). VFS1100 fully automatic packaging machine can realize the functions of automatic bag making, product counting, filling, heat sealing and output. Achieve unmanned packaging process. 

(2).This unit adopts touch screen control, and features convenient operation, specification changeover and maintenance as well as safety and reliability. 

(3). It can achieve multiple forms of arrangement in order to satisfy customer’s requirements. 

5,Technical parameters:


Packaging scope

Packaging speed

Form of arrangement


100~1000 bagged products

2~4 for big bags
80~100 for small bags


Horizontal single or double-row grouping

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