Good Quaility and Reasonable Price Automatic Powder Big Bag Packing Machine in China

Good Quaility and Reasonable Price Automatic Powder Big Bag Packing Machine in China
Product Details

Good quaility and reasonable price  automatic powder big bag packing machine in china


This model is mainly designed for the fine powder packaging used in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry. It excels in the function of auto-bagging, auto-weighing, auto-filling, auto-vacuuming, auto-conveying, and auto-sealing. The features of this machine are high degree of automation, easy maintenance, stable performance and environmental cleanness. This Fully Automated Powder Packaging Machine is specially suitable for the accurate packaging of super fine powder that can easily scatter dust.

2,Working Process

① Bag-seizing hand seizes the bag from storehouse via vacuum chuck → ② Bag is transferred via roller → ③ Bag is opened via manipulator → ④ Manipulator puts bag onto bag-holder → ⑤ Bag-holder holds bag → ⑥ Bag-holder climbs to let filling mouth reach the end of the bag → ⑦ Bag-holder declines while bag is being filled and vacuumed → ⑧ Bag is shaken via bag-holder→ ⑨ Bag is captured and transferred → ⑩ Bag is sealed

The whole process is monitored by positive pressure and negative pressure system and controlled by PLC and photoelectric switch, ensuring stable and reliable packing performance.


(1)Uniquely designed and patented two-handed bagging manipulator

(2)Bagging process is relatively simple with convenient operation and less maintenance

(3)Bag-bottom filling method and whole-sealed bag holder reduces packing dust from spreading

(4)Seal-designed pneumatic components are fit to dusting environment for longstanding life.

(5)Translational bag-seizing structure ensures no bag be standing during bag-seizing process, making little requirements for bag hardness

(6)Bag-mouth positioning rather than bag-bottom positioning lowers the standards of bag-size uniformity

(7)Optional vacuuming device in case of powder with low density and high gas amount

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