Good Quaility and Reasonable Price Automatic Granule Big Bag Packing Machine Made in China

Product Details

Good quaility and reasonable price  Automatic granule big bag packing machine made in china

Brief introduction of equipment 

This unit has the functions of automatic weighing, automatic bag feeding, automatic filling, automatic pack delivery, automatic sealing, etc. It can work in linkage with the equipment for various types of granular, flaky materials to achieve unmanned production operation of large-sized packaging.

Technical parameters:

Packaging material: 1. Woven bag 2. Kraft bag 3. Composite film plastic bag

Packaging dimensions (in: mm): (800~1000)×(450~550) L×W

Packaging weight: 25~50kg/bag

Measuring accuracy: ±10g

Packaging speed: 10~20 packs/min (slight variation depending on the packaging material, bag size etc.);

Sealing mode: 1. Woven bag: folding/seaming

2. Kraft paper bag: heat sealing/seaming

3. Composite film plastic bag: heat sealing

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